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Scooter: How change Gear Oil

How do you change gear oil of your Scooter. For those who didn’t know I made a how-to change gear oil of your scooter.


First,because this is my weblog for my suzuki Hayate. It’s also necessary for me to take a pic of its odometer reading. Currently on the 18k marks.

suzuki Hayate 125

Now, where to start? Find the Drain plug for the gear or transmission. Below is the picture of the drain plug for the suzuki hayate 125


100_2632Drain plug suzuki hayate

you’ll be needing 12mm wrench for this. It is better also to remove the filling cap in order to remove all the used gear oil of your scooter. Picture below is the filling cap.

 suzuki hayatesuzuki Hayate

once you have drain all the gear oil. Prepare for a small funnel together with a new gear oil. I recommend using Shell’s Spirax 90 Gear oil rather than yamalube. why? yamalube cost 60 pesos for 100ml but the shell spirax 90 gear oil cost me php 150  but 1 liter. So to speak I have a regular change of gearl oil everytime I change my Engine oil.

Better for an old rider that is having hard time doing a quarterly maintenance.

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