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Suzuki Crystal 110 RC

I have to do it! I hate to open the engine but I have to. Kidding aside. This suzuki Crystal of mine stood for almost 15years and still rockin! I can still managed to run this small beast a 100kph on a quarter mile. No special attention or whatsoever but trully pure stock bike! Who will not believe if this bike is a two stroke powered engine. I have to open the clutch housing since I feel some jerk when changing gears from 3rd going to 2nd on an uphill.

At first I open the transmission side.(right side where you brake on the rear), unfortunately, got nothing to grip since the Clutch Housing is rotating together with the crankshaft. I decided to open the other side and use my Newly bought Grip chain. Thanks to timogrider of MCP for recommending this tool.

One counterclockwise rotation.. the nut moves…yeah baby!…. I finally took off the clutch housing together with the centrifugal clutch assy.(see below) I don’t see anything unusual or is it me that didn’t really knows the problem… hahahaaha but anyway I took some photos of the parts of my suzuki Crystal. I don’t know why this become a widower, a killer bike in dumaguete from the pictures above its just a humble bike getting its rider Respect.

Who pictures please!!!!

And as requested here it is My 2010 Project Dragbike Suzuki Crystal 110. All stock nothing more nothing less.


The Block and the Carb…(all –stock) for now…


I change the handle bar to a mountain bike bar and also change the throttle grip to Daytona Quick throttle. Shoes are Metzellers in the front and Mizzle in the rear…Swing Arm by moto R.

suzuki Crystalsuzuki Crystalsuzuki Crystalsuzuki Crystal

Shocks by KAS.. Stiffer than the stock shocks.

suzuki Crystal

The 1995 Jet Cooled technology of Suzuki PECS… It has a Fan Blower inside this Grille… Just like the fan blower used on scooters.



Butt View! The first Sticker of Philippine suzuki riders club. and Also the first two Stroker and the first classic bike of the Club.


More Updates soon…

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