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Microsoft Security Essentials Review from a TikGuy

When Windows 7 formally Announced their beta test I was the very least eager to try it. I got a feeling that it’s like Windows Vista with lots of Bugs and Bluescreen. An immature software again from the Giant operating system maker. But eventually I put my hand on the Win7.

Now, what about antivirus software? I was trying to install my Eset nod32 and give it a try but it gives me headache installing the software. I try to search for some possible free anti-virus software that offers me security and an up-to-date virus definitions from time to time.

I tried it a couple of weeks and finally decided not to uninstall the software since It makes my life easier and better. Microsoft security essentials is a free software antivirus for win7 and microsoft users. It has a real time protection for virus and malwares. It also has a Microsoft spynet which automatically sends how the software operates. From there the software maker has a better way of analyzing the problem and potential risk on your computer.

Some Screenshots of Microsoft Security Essentials

 screenshot_0023        screenshot_0025  screenshot_0002     screenshot_0007        

The software interface is user-friendly. Lots of buttons had been throw away to keep it simple and unique. Automatic updates and automatic or scheduled for a full-scan can be selected too.

If you want to have a hand on this software you can download it Here.

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