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How to post on your Facebook Fan Page

Many bloggers greatly took advantage on spreading news and post over facebook’s Fan page. I’m one of them and it  is great to make a fan page and knows other people interacts with your writing. Now I have notice something an usual. By the way, If you haven’t use networkedblogs to draw traffic to your site here is the link for the application.

You have to log-in first on facebook.

Add it as your application. You will be ask to fill up the form regarding your blog site.

Now for the fun part.

Have you made your own fan page? How are your fans? are they huge like a thousand or just like me with 4 fans. Lol, the reason behind this small amount of fans is that I got problems on promoting my page here in facebook. Everytime I post I need to redo it on my Pages in order for my Fans who like my site to read updates regarding my site.

Now Networked blog had added syndication of their application. What is nice about the updates is that you can post your blog into your Profile and also to your pages. Isn’t that great? You can have it automatically post updates.

Now let me show you how I did it.

Log in to facebook. on your Application settings search for the networked blogs application and click on the profile.Then you will be redirected to the pages of network blog.

Click GO TO APPLICATION—then on the right most part you will notice syndication. Click it.image 

this page will appear,


Select the blog you want to manage. This is also the blog that will appear on your Fan Page wall.

And then you will be asked to choose where you want to syndicate or automatically published your blog post. Select the page/s you want from here. You can do a Publish test post in order to verify that the application is working.


If you’ll notice I still put a check on my personal Facebook Profile. I think it’s best to maximize the power of automatic post.

I hope this will help you gain more traffic on your blogs.

---melardenio dot com

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