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How to gain Money in Cartown

I’ve been working with this game from last week until now. I’ve been playing with friends and race with them. Upgrade and buy stuffs for my shop. I also bought new cars.Car Town facebook is very addicting. The only problem and dilemma I have is how to gain money in order to buy more performance parts and Upgrade kits.

In order to gain money, Here are some of my tips;

1. Buy video games and recreations for the shop. It automatically earn you money. it’s a passive income for your cash flow. You can also buy vending machine. Each unit has corresponding time to spend in order to earn money.


2. If you are lucky, You can have a milk truck or an Ice cream truck. Aside from delivering pizza that would earn you 10Xp points and a $40 for 5 mins, Why not ntry the 24h duty for a milk truck. It will earn you $1,500 and 175 XP points.


3. Enter your most admirable Car in a Car show. Not everybody wins but it’s worth it. But remember when you enter a Car show You’ll need a worker to supervise and clean your car entry.

I hope I’ve help you out with this blog post on how you can overtake and have the best car shop in Town. Happy Cartowning!!!!

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