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Millionaire City: Cheats, Tips and Tricks

I’ve been playing this game since last week and I managed to overpass friends and became filthy rich. At least from the game. Milliionaire City is a game of minds. You have to invest,learn and know which structures will give you more money and assets. There are also missions along the way that you set as your goal. Each Mission has it’s reward from your adviser.

There where questions on how to complete each missions and I was wondering if I could help from posting this Cheats, TIps and tricks of Millionaire City.

I won’t start from the 1st mission but I would be choosing those missions that I know would benefit you as my reader. So hop along and will start the tutorial for the Millionaire City- a game from Digital Chocolate.

Before anything else I want you to take a look first on how each House Type Value, Price, XP, Build time and Level together with the tenant nos. Here is a screenshot from the Forum.



Before anything else. I want you to save and save more money. Adding a PIZZA Store will help you gain more money but it also take a better placement of the Houses along with the store. Here are screenshots on how you should build houses and commerce.

How do I make more money from my Commerces?

Have you build a  commerces/shops and wonder why you only  collect a few $$ from each one. A commerce has an area (the green box visible if you hold your mouse over the shop) and the houses inside the green box will let you know  how many tenants/customers your Commerce income.

If the  shop is not collecting money that you intended may be because either
1) you have no houses built within the ' green box area'...
2) the houses are in the 'area' but have no current tenants' contracts.
(You've collected rent but the star's showing because the new contract has not been signed.)

The following pictures are of an early set of houses whose tenants are the customers for the coffee shop in the centre.

These are to help people understand the concept of surrounding a commerce with housing. This coffee shop has 36 customers, but it's quite a low number because of the type of housing around the shop and it only has a reach of 7x7.

In the picture below you can see a newer arrangement, now using the flower shop which has a larger reach of 9x9, together with the highly populated apartments. This now gives a much improved 280 customers for the flower shop because the housing used are better suited to a Commerce Income strategy. They do however give lower Rental Income which is fine if you are able to supplement it with lots of 3min clicking of your Commerces.

The next picture shows a Bowling Alley surrounded by Apartments. If the houses are on 18hr contracts then there will be 24 tenants per house / 336 total or $55 per customer / $18,480 per 3mins. Replace the Bowling Alley($2M) with the Nightclub($4M) at $65 per customer and with the same Housing the 3 min Commerce Income becomes $21,840. (Shorter time contracts will bring in less $$ because they only give 20 tenants per Apartment.)

Replace the Apartments with Apartments Luxury and some Duplex Luxury and the same Bowling Alley will increase to 481 as shown below - $26,455 per 3mins.

Hopefully the above will have demonstrated how to increase your Commerce Income.

---Patsy’s Tutorial

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