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Melardenio: Heading for Home.


I’m writing this blog post inside a Boeing 747-400 Airplane. Flight from Rome, Italy going to Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a 10hour trip going back to the east. Now, It’s 2:20AM in my watch (Philippine Time). I Actually finished 2 movies and got  a 1-2hr of Sleep. It was 9 days ago that I was on the same plane going to Rome and It seems going back home is the longest trip compared to the other way around. ( wait a moment, I’m fixing my earphone another movie). It seems I need to ride a plane in order to complete my movie marathon.

I miss my kids and my wife. I met fellow filipina going back home. Threw some questions like if you are given a chance to go back . She says she won’t like to go back to Manila.

She was a Batanguena, A higschool graduate and never pursue college because haven’t given a chance. Italy gave her family the future they wanted to be. Aside from having Italians as a good boss, the government also have lots to offer. They got Medical assistance without nothing for the patient to pay bills.

She’s working in Italy for almost 20 years now and got a chance to petition her daugther and husband. When her daughter turn 14 she grab the opportunity for Giorno. I need to search over google about this. In my understanding, according to her it makes things worst when she had her daughter came here in Italy. The Maria Clara of Manila change  and became how Italian teenager are. I notice that they are not ashame of kissing in public. A 14 year old can have a boyfriend and worst of all can bear a child. It was  a frustration from a mother who wanted for her daughter a life more bountiful and planned.

I also notice that Filipino in Rome got a Tag. We where tagged as DH and not as professionals. Teachers in the Philippines now are DH. Walking on the alleys seems that every filipinos are DH.WHeeew… But this time I take revenge. We took a Hotel in Via Gioberti,(hotel amadeus) where Italians served us and not we who served them.

(i need to watch now.)

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