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Small scale online business

I might call my blogging habit a small scale online business. Why? because I haven’t blog too much that I took it seriously enough but still I received $100 once two months.

If you are still skeptics on how googlel adsense works then stop thinking of not earning a dollar. When I first received my Adsense payout it was a paradigm shift. I never thought it was real. It was astonishment that I felt.

Every time I walk-in to  Western union to received my Cash the cashier always asked why Google Inc. Paid me an amount such as that.

So then the story goes, I blog, I write and I share what things and experience I have.

For you that is thinking how to build your online business, you might be more interested in writing and sharing what you have to others and in return a Payout every month.

Thanks to Adsense by Google.

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