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The Yamaha Mio Amore 115cc review and Photos

Thanks to Yamaha Philippines for lending this bike and have it reviewed by yours truly. What you can expect for a yamaha mio amore is the maneuverability on a busy streets. With 33-40km/l of gas consumptions its worth the comfort of a very nice slim scooter.

Yamaha MIO Amore 115


Yamaha MIO Amore 115

Lets see how the switches looks like. On the left handle bar is the Hi and Low for the headlight. Together in the same end is the Turn signal lights switch. If you notice there is a button for a reset. Not unlike the old scooters that you have to find the Center off in order to switch off the turn signal lights. Cool Yamaha mio 115cc.It also is the same with the switch horn and Choke Lever for warming up your engine during a morning hard starting experience.


Yamaha MIO Amore 115

The Gauge panel are still the same with the Old Yamaha MIO sporty. Nothing fave and its all the same.



  Yamaha MIO Amore 115

On the right Grip is the Headlights on and off switch of the Yamaga Mio Sporty 115cc. You can also find the Electric Starter below it.






I got disappointed on how the Ignition Key hole look like. It seems that its very fragile and very easy for the thief to mess up.

Yamaha MIO Amore 115


Here’s how the rear look like. Even though its the same old model, It still looks nicer and simple. I love the rear.Yamaha MIO Amore 115


The CVT part and the Exhaust pipe of the Yamaha Mio. I notice that the Engine push more air compared to my stock Hayate. No airbox outside too!!! Cleaner and simpler.

 Yamaha MIO Amore 115 Yamaha MIO Amore 115

With now equipped with Mag wheels and a front diskbrake. The Yamaha mio Amore is a head turner for bike enthusiast.

Yamaha MIO Amore 115Yamaha MIO Amore 115

I love this red to orange color. Its a metallic of somewhat red and orange mix. Also notice what AMore mods has. A parklight at the front. For a more safer and visible night rides.

Yamaha MIO Amore 115 

If it’s from Yamaha, It’s simply the best.

Yamaha MIO Amore 115

The Yamaha Mio Amore 115cc is sold for about Php62,000.

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