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It’s almost half midnight. I wasn’t working with my blog regarding some videos. When I was doing a research I  still can’t take it out of my mind. the 00974 area code that rang my phone today.

Eager to know where the origin of the call. I push Google search and without a seconds. I got the results its a call from Qatar. I was busy working with Etere LTO HSM that time. I haven’t notice which is good to know I haven’t answer it. Later you will know why it’s a good thing.

I went home past the office hours. I talked to my wife.” I missed the call. A call from the Area code that starts from 00974.” Her face begin to shrunk. It seems that its now sinking to her that I’m leaving for a new job. Well that’s a reality we as a couple have to face.

I posted some status updates on facebook on how I’m saddened missing that important call. At around 9 ‘o clock I make a return call. I was talking first in tagalog. It might be a friend from Qatar I guess but then the person on the other line can’t understand me. I have to speak in english! So I asked, I have receive a call from this number. May I know who is this? The person said, oh sorry I called a wrong number.

So it was a missed again. Really its not the call I’m waiting. What I’m amazed of is this. listen…

I was like in my laptop from 9PM upto 1AM. I was like chatting and doing a check on my gmail’s and facebook. I do a check on some old forums I used to hang on. Suddenly, I was trying to logon to a forum but when I try to post a comment it says you need to login. As far as I remember, I haven’t been a member of that forum. So I decided to register for a new account. When I write down my yahoo account it says “ the email is already in use”. What to do next? I do a Password recovery. It will email you a verification to reset your password for that forum. Quickly, I went to and check for the verification email. What surprise me is an email from Al-jazeera. Wheeew. They sent me an email and some questions for my Applications abroad. It was a coincident or not? i think No.This is a way of the Lord for me even I’m not good He is alwats GOOD.

Thank you Lord. I hope I passed from their qualifications and start a new thread of my career life.

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