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Vespa scooter how it’s made

Vespa- Derived from the Wasp – A insect with a big belly. The maker of Vespa was an italian aeronatical engineer. It was call for help for the italians during the devastating world war II. Italian’s at that time needed a mode of transports that is economical and affordable.

It as in 1944 that Piaggio started working on scooter designs with full body work but enclosed drive train. and at the front is a big splash guard. Looks awkward they started to build MP6. Displease with what had been the outcome of the design of the scooter. They redesigned the whole scooter. Shaving off the tall center splash guard.

He asked a good friend to redesigned the scooter. Cutting of some bulky parts. MP6 came where the rear wheel is  directly connected to the transmission. This design eliminates the drive chain that makes it look cleaner.

Vespa was popular from its wasp shaped body contour. Vespa is both Latin and Italian for wasp—derived from the vehicle's body shape: the thicker rear part connected to the front part by a narrow waist, and the steering rod resembled antennae.

Nowadays, the Vespa evolve but still the shape remains the same. Although we are moving to a futuristic era, Vespa still stands to its ground that if its a vespa it should looks like a Wasp.

Here’s a video of how it was made.


Now i know how vespa scooter riders got their pride. I wish I have one of this War veteran scooter.

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