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Engine Support for Daihatsu Charade


Are you looking for this parts? Charade Transmission and Engine Support Bushing. When you feel your charades are somewhat cracking when you pull-off the clutch and you hear a big “kablog” then absolutely it’s the engine support.

I already tried the Rubber bushing bought on a customized rubber and the experience was not good. In my experience you can feel all the vibration on the Steering. It seems the rubbers are very hard that it can’t compensate the shaking of the engine and everything is shaking down to the steering. Now I decided to have it replace already.

Aside from the usual JAC brand. I came across with this 5’826 brand. According to the autosupply salesman, its more better than the JAC and 555. I don’t know for now but for now let’s give it a try on how many months will this Charade Engine support parts will last.

Below are the Photos I took. I’m still waiting for the Ball Joints,Tie Rod End and Rack End. There are alot of ends there. hahahaahahah


Charade Engine Support (1) Charade Engine Support (2) Charade Engine Support (3) 

This one is the Engine support connected to the Cross member. You can buy only the rubber instead of the rubber with the steel. I think this is more econimical. For the price its 550 and the transmission support costs 950. Too costly I think.

Charade Engine Support (5)

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