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How to Claim your Check | Philhealth

Last July my eldest daughter was confine because of Amoebiasis. The usual procedure was to give the ME5 form to the Hospital and they are the one to process all the paperworks. Unfortunately, Philhealth changed their policy. Every members that had a dependent should also submit the MDR. Its a master record for the Name of the members together with the Dependents. Way back, it was just the ME-5 and then the birth certificate of the patient.

Now, When we check on the MDR for Sam, she was not included but only Amiel is on the list. The problem is that After the confinement to the hospital, You need to furnish everything in two days. I wasn’t able to finish the transfer of Sam to my name as my dependent. What we did was to cash out for her.

At the office I do the paper works. My wife wrote a letter to transfer Sam to as one of my Dependents. After the transfer of dependents. THe printed MDR is complete and all you have to do is wait for two months. I waited for two months and then try to call their super duper hotline. I didn’t even get any chance to talk to that hotline number of Philhealth collections.

It was 4 months, I then decided to go to Philhealth and asked for the check. First , I went to the claims verification. It’s on the fast lane. It took only 5 minutes to get the check number.

After the claims verification and I had been verified that the check had been release I hurried to the Releasing Section. I gave them two Id’s. The bad news. The Check was sent thru courier just this morning. How lucky am I.

So first thing to do. After 2 months of waiting Go to the Claims verification and get your check number then proceed to releasing.

I notice friday is a better timing. Around 3 PM.

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