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Undecided to buy

Even if the budget for a Car loan are still on the process. I’m eager to check online regarding  used cars for sale. I’m currently looking at since it has a large database for used cars together with its easier search functions.

A while ago I drop by to Sta. Lucia with Len. I told her that she can go shopping while I’ll do canvassing for some pre-used cars. I check on some Honda cars. The main reason why I choose Honda as my brand because Honda cars are fast and reliable although gas punisher. I’m reading forums that a VTI or LXi can only get 7kms/liter and that is the saddest part of choosing a Honda sedan. My first choice was the Honda Jazz 2010 but for some tremendous reason and cutting edge budget. I’m happy to announce that I will be getting a second hand Used car. It’s my second time around choosing and deciding for a second hard used car, although It’s a bit more easier if I can have a Brand New Honda Jazz 1.5.

I have my Daihatsu Charade for about 4 years. 4 years of bountiful experience on the road. All paid-back now when choosing a second hand car. Now I know how to choose a second hand car because I got a handful of experience using a second hand bog down car.

Here are some of the cars I have taken photos today.100_7284

A 2000 Honda City Type Z Automatic. Price is 268K. Not bad. I haven’t seen the interiors.


Honda Civic 97. It says on the badge ALL-power and Automatic too. same price with the City (PHP 268K)



This one is a Honda Civic ‘98 model same specs with above.

100_7290 100_7291

100_7294 100_7295

Suzuki Swift  2006- Automatic tranny

17” mags Enzo

HID Projector Headlamps and Led Tailights.

This one also has a wrap around Skirts although the price is very expensive you can still negotiate.

Price 598,000

I love it but can’t have it now.

here’s the price and contact number of the seller.


Upon seeing all this car. I stopped. I then decide. It was a waste of time thinking all of this for me. Getting a second hand car is getting a stone on my head. I would rather rode my scooter rather than be stuck on a traffic or add another chunk of expenses on our budget. I just imagine riding a Honda Civic ‘98 model with a gas consumption of 7km/ liter. My office is in QC. From Rizal its about 25kms one way. Adding it all up I will consume 7-8 liters of gasoline and that would be 8 times 40. A whooping Php320 a day for a gas. Now its still undecided on how much is the company’s subsidy. For some reason lets say. 40% of it will be shoulder by the company. I will be consuming… hmmmm 128 less on the Php 320.

I will be shouldering 192 for my daily commute. Wheew worse nightmare for a Scooter rider for 15 years.Php 192 is too much. On my scooter I gas up for 190 for 4 liters good for 2 1/2 days of commute. Now lets see if we can have a better savings if I will be getting a Jazz.

Honda jazz -12kms/l

4 liters will be consume back and fourth and that would be 4 times 40 equals 160 times 40% its 64Pesos for the company subsidy.

160 minus 64, I will be shouldering 96 pesos for my daily commute..Hmmmm not bad after all. So! what should I get now? A honda Jazz or a car that will gave me a gas consumption of 10-15kms/liter.

The cars that are line up are.

Hyundai Gets 1.1 or 1.5CRDi

Suzuki Celerio 1.1

Honda Jazz 1.3 iDSI

All this car are higher than the allocated budget. For now, I decided to look for this 3 cars with the budget in mind.

If everything else fails, I don’t mind buying one.

Boss taas nyo pa daw kasi budget ko para mabili ko yung Suzuki Swift.

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