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Easter Sunday getaway

Easter-SundayGot suggestions? Holy week is actually a week of reflection and communion with God. Others find it a getaway vacation for at least 5 days. So what are your plans regarding this HolyWeek getaway?

I received numerous invites on where to ride this week. Somebody asked me to join their Baguio ride, another one is Tagaytay ride and not but not the least is the Bicol Ride. Riding via scooter on those destinations are somewhat  a fulfillment after all. Getting behind those bikes especially on the day of Holyweek is something that is Odd to me.

I usually stays at home during Holyweek. I do my body cleansing by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I then attend our church holyweek service and do reflect on my current relationship with God. So nonetheless, I’m not going to get a ride for either of the 3 posted above.

Holyweek for me is a time for God. This is the time to communicate with him more intimately. My Easter Getaway is with GCF-east.



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