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Lifting Lanterns: A Nuffamily Day

We started to roll at around 3:00PM. We where at the Bonifacio Global City at around 1:00PM. We decided to get some snacks at Market! Market! I got Amiel a dozen of Candy and Sam get her favorite Piatos in Mercury Drug inside the mall. It was not our first time going to Market! market! and Serendra but my kids are excited to see it too. So we decided to roam around the Park. After Getting everything, we decided to head on to Krispy Kreme to meet and get listed on the Bus List. After an Hour we roll and headed for Tagaytay. Crosswinds Tagaytay teleported me to a place I visited in Italy. It looks like I’m not in the Philippines. Added to the Experience is the Cold Climate and Ambiance. 

The NUFFAMILY they was such a very exciting Event. A lot of games where played and A lot of Foods from sponsors and Advertisers had been given away. I think I didn’t need a rise for now. They gave as Fit n Right for our drinks. They also gave us Pizza Hut, The supreme one… Thanks Pizza hut. We also do have Goldilocks Bitbit Pack.


and some of the Goodies that we took home.


It seems I gain a lot of weight just for today’s activity. With everything that is Free!


Amiel and Daddy tonemappedI still got my adrenaline rush from the Nuffamily Day held at Crosswind, Tagaytay City. And I do wanted to write a conclusion or report blog experience we got from the Generosity of Nuffnang together with their very cool Staff. Kudos to all of you Guys who are very very passionate and had really took care of the event. Half of the success of this event comes from the Hardworking Staffs of Nuffnang PH.



This is my eldest daughter Stairing at the Beautiful Landscape of Crosswind.


I got a lot of Pictures here to share.My Wife and I at Crosswinds.

len and mel tonemapped2

My Three Girls in my Life.


For the final activity We lighted a lantern and put it in the Sky. It was very amazing to see how those Lanterns fly in the sky. Very very touching. It seems like having Nuffnang on my ads.It lifts me higher and higher giving me more and more and loving my blog and doing.

Here are my three girls busy with their Lanterns.



After a minute, we have lit up our Candle and it started to Fill up the Balloon with hot air. Below you’ll see me holding and supporting the lantern. You can fill the lantern going up once it has already filled up and set its flight temperature. Nope I’m not a pilot, I just guessing. From what I experience today about Lifting Lanterns. Experience is SUPERB.




And now, it is ready to take its flight. I 5…4….3….2…..1…

Lift up Lantern.


I would like to say thank you to all the NUFFNANG SPONSORS. God Bless you More and more!

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