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Homemade LED Headlights

I was informed by a PSRC colleague Mhel Yatap Kidd regarding the LED headlights during our Facebook chat. I was also interested seeing such headlights. We all know that LED lights does consumes less power and higher Lifetime use.

Even though its midnight I urge sir Emil if we can check the LED headlights. And also it’s the best time since its raining and it  would also gives us a  chance deciding.Here below is my suzuki Hayate and the Honda Wave with LED headlights. See how the white lights from LED? Also take note that the Honda Wave is OFF. All the power is coming from the Battery.


Another View of the Comparison. My Suzuki Hayate has all-stock bulb of 25Watts while the LED lights has 15watts only.




Here’s a view of the LED headlights. I only have a problem with this Headlights. the suzuki hayate don’t have room or space for the Heatsink. The nice thing to know about his is that it has a HI and Lo Beam. unlike the Single beam HID’s.

I was asking sir Emil if we can have the heatsink a little smaller to compensate the space we have on the headlight assembly. Led headlights and Tailights are available, 1200 for the LED headlights (consist of 30LEDs) including the installation, 950 if you are the one to install the Lights. 250 for the tailights consisting of 15LEDs.


This is sir Emil the one on the Left side and Mhel yatap at the Right.


You can ask sir Emil for a demo if you want. Here’s his number you can call him for inquiry, 09274857803

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