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Scooter for the Disabled

Thanks to TimogRider of MCP for letting this photos uploaded on my blog.

Many years ago I was asked by a fellow on this blog If I have an idea on where to buy a scooter for the disable. I was puzzled and don’t know what to suggest that time. I was to tell him to find something like a wheel guide used by  children who are learning to use a bike.

Although there where some disabled person who customized their scooter like a tricycle. They put a sidecar where they put their wheel chair. I think this one is far better than what I have seen roaming around Metro Manila.

This trike for the Disabled use a scooter engine. A honda Dio I think. and then assembled everything from scratch. I’m still waiting for Sir TimorRider for some info on where we can buy the unit and help our fellows Ride and Explore.

Trike for the Disabled

Tanks had been customized too..

Trike for the Disabled2

Another View….


Trike for the Disabled3

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