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How To Restore ASUS eeepc

I bought an ASUS eeepc 1015PEM model in Singapore when I went there for Broadcast Asia. Although, I bought the unit there it has this Global Warranty Tag. So I hid the receipt and the warranty coupon for future use. So after two months of using the Asus eeepc. The unit starts to flicker and sometimes the display went black and the only way to put it back it by shutting it down improperly or wait. I dunno what was the problem although I’m a knowhow in turns of Technology such as this.

So what I did was to have it restored to its factory settings. Doing so will also cut all the agony that there is a problem with the software and not the hardware. Here are the step by step procedures I have captured using my Kodak 1085IS.

First on boot up you need to press F9.

This screen will welcome you.



A clearer view. You see the 10% progress? It means its restoring now the system to its original factory settings.



Then after a while. It will then reboot and you’ll see that setup is starting the services. Wait for about 15 minutes and soon your newly installed windows 7 started kit will come to life again.


Let me know if you have problems encountered during the restoration. I advise to have the laptop connected on an AC power for a smooth restoration of the OS.

Asus eeepc Notebooks comes with Windows 7 starter kit. It’s a nice os with limited functionality but you can installed of Microsoft.

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