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Am I waiting in vain for my Free Ipad...

Not really. Yay! you read it write. My title is "Am I waiting in vain for my Free Ipad"... Let's just say, I'm blessed to have a Free Apple Ipad this year. How good is that to thank God for this blessing. I would just say Thank You Lord for the blessings you had given me. We'll God is good and I know it is God's will that I have this gadget as being a Hardworking blogger. (hmmmm actually I'm just posting some on this blog).

The main objective for this year is to acquire things without loosing money. To have gadgets without gatecrashing your bank account. By the way, It's better to open a Passbook bank account rather than an ATM Account. Believe me you'll be tired going in and out of the bank. Saving is the Game of the year and saving for the rainy season is the best think to do.

So going back to my Free Ipad. It's supposed to be here in my house last week but checking on the web it wasn't been released and shipped in here. So I'm still waiting. How I wish the customs here in the Philippines are quick enough. The very least I want to do is to wait. That is why waiting in vain for me is hopeless and nothing.

Again, It's still an Apple Ipad 2. A free gadget.. and not just a's Apple.

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