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The Hunt for HONDA Civic LXi or VTi

Honda Civic had been here for decades. They are the product of outstanding research and thorough analytical Genius of the Japanese. This are they Flagship for the Common People. Honda Civic cars are Old but it seems their style did not aged. What makes the Honda the first choice when getting a second hand car.

Durability is one of the factors that I can describe. Given that the  car follows the manufacturers standard maintenance Procedure. This car would really hit 10 years without problem. I see that there are still Civics with model year of 1997 that are in pristine conditions. They OEM shocks aren't been touch. The Paint markings are still there. Even with loose compression this engine of genuinity can still push the rods and make tires burn.

With my experience and reading forums regarding this car , I didn't notice I got hook up with the Hondas'. Higher resale Value and with pride that makes them more expensive. So what are the things you need to know when getting a HONDA Car?

1. Check the Roof. Honda cars are known for their Rusty Roof. It was a cancer to this car. The Roof easily got rusted when aged.

2. Check the Shock Mounts. It would be better if a Stock Shock are still intact. This just means that the car was not been race and didn't been subject to a Low and slow Stance.

3. Check the engine for Leaks. Sometimes the Engine undergo to a Detailer where they Clean the Engine so that it would be impressive to the buyer. Check the oil Pan for possible oil that are drifting on it.

4. Water from the radiator should be flowing. Its a sign that the cooling system are working properly. Check if the Radiator Fan are still working when it hits the right temperature.

5. No smoke on the OIL Cap and Oil Dipstick. In case there is, It's a sign that there is a problem with the piston or Valve seal of the engine.

You can check with your mechanic before you buy a second hand car. It would be better if you bring him to check everything that is working.
In case you have no mechanic at all. Try a good friend who has a car to drive it for you....

and again, If you are looking for car, a second hand car, then I would suggest go for Honda cars. You won't get wrong. Perhaps...

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