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Proud Worker

We'll I'm very proud to say that I'm a worker. After 4 days of tedious hardwork WE were able to put 10 9 channels online. The original plan was to move the TOC last July 14 to the new Building. A lot of rewires and recabling was done. We started working early this year but due to problems on the site's availability we are forbid to start this project on time.

As a mere backgrounds to those who don't know what kind of job I have. Let me share it to you briefly. I work as a software support in a Broadcast Solution Provider. In the changing world of broadcast where tapeless environment  is a must, the software automation does it all.

In layman's term; we install, configure, plan for Broadcast Stations.

At my background are all the Automation workstations. It's running on a windows 7 platform. We are using Etere automation on this project. We also started to roll-out in the new version 22.5. 

This are the Videoservers and Cluster SQL setup by your's truly. See how proud am I. I alloted 4 days of my life to have this servers working. An hour of sleep equals an 8 hours of labor.

Another view from the Top. At the back are all the storage and clustered database.

There are many things to do but one thing for sure we've done it again ang we're gonna do it again.

Thank you Supporto Etere for saving my ass and helping me out on the configuration. 7 shifts I have pass and I'm still wide awake. I would also like to say thank you COBRA and STING, You rock and you simply kick my head. I feel I'm on steroids. HYPER mode.

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