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Task: Migrate a TV station in 8 hours.

After a terrible Antipolo to WCC shaw blvd. Migration of their 10 playout channel. Our foreign partner had posted their press release regarding Solar TV's Seachange MSV to ETERE MTX conversion.

Here's a summary of the Press release.

25/07/2012Solar TV integrated Etere MTX playout for 32 channels

Solar TV, an Etere’s historical customer with a close partnership started in 2003, upgrades 32 TV channels to a MTX solution for playout
Solar TV Network Inc. is a broadcast television arm of Solar Entertainment Corporation in the Philippines.
Solar TV is one of the Etere’s most senior customers, the playout of its 7 channels is managed by Etere Automation since 9 years whereas Etere Media Asset Management integrates its archive and to digitally connect all the functions inside the channels since 2006. After a successful and long experience with Etere, Solar TV has confirmed the Italian company as the most important broadcast supplier.

You can check the whole story here.
MCI and Etere work hand in hand to have this migration work and from the past days me and my colleague Richard Dones are working hand and hand to polish some workflow concerns and flaws of the systems. It was a quick migration not as planned with the project management but it was then a successful one because of the people behind. You know who you are and I don't want to write it down here.
Again Solar Entertainment had been migrated and working consistently.

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