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Life is fair if only and if's

Did you find life is fair?

I did.

Did you find life worthy to be called life?

I did.

but there are if's and but's on my arguments. Life is indeed fair and worthy if only those people around you will be fair enough to you. There are times people isn't fair enough. They find your time not as equally valuable than theirs. I was just thinking about it this pass days. Life was not fair enough for me this days. It was not fair because those people mess up with what you planned was fair for you. I find it unequal because IF only they have done this and they have decided long enough I'm not on this position now. Life is not fair because my daughter is now at the hospital being cure. I'm supposed to be there supporting her in this terrible experience and trauma but instead working. Am I not a good father or am I a bad employee instead. Well perhaps God has a message. I'm just waiting for the confirmation on what he wants me to do. I believe this wasn't His plan for me but a more brighter and not stressful life such as this now.

So much for the drama. It's time again to work and its time to finish what I've started. If only I can move the mountains with my mustard seed faith. I will try to move now Sierra Madre and move it somewhere near me... I want to breathe.....breathe not air but peace.

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