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off to Church

We're going to the church today. It's a must and its a family sunday activity for the Ardenio's. I started when I was 6 yrs. old. We go to the church every sunday. We're always complete when we go to the church. I grew up on a sunday school. I believe it was a firm foundation for everyone to know God so that when they grew up they will be a better citizen of this world. Now that I have kids its now my time to replicate everything my Parents did to me when I was a kid.

Sam and Amiel are members of the GCF- East "Little Psalmeast". They sang to the Lord with all dedication and commitment. It was a milestone for me then. Along the way, I haven't realized then that I was too Holy that I looked at others that are somewhat "sinners". I was hypocrite then. I was rebuked in a  the verse from the Bible. I felt sorry then that I have hurt others. I knew God has a purpose on why He wants me to be humble. It seems being humble is not imminent as human-beings. And now, I'm trying back again. Being humble as to what God has commanded us. It is being humble that God will prosper and bless us for He doesn't want to be arrogant and boast.

Happy Sunday and Hope to see you in Heaven, Hopefully Soon.

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