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Ohh Linux my Linux...

Did I sound something Poetic?

If you answer it yes then you are right.

Its all coming back and falling in front of me.  2003 when I first heard of this OS. It wasn't popular  comparing to the Windows OS that time and RED HAT is not yet an Enterprise OS but rather a FREE Linux Distro. Because of its popularity and superior security it then break away to the FREE Linux distro. It was RedHat when I first met this good guys from ECOMMSITE. One guy is a certified RHCT and the other is a good Windows administrator.

So why have I conclude on saying the all are falling in front of me?  It seems now that the company I'm working with is engage in somewhat , SHould I say, Broadcast IT. A solution which I cannot tell for now. One thing for sure is that we are going to use Linux distro and I'm going back again from being a Systems administrator. Wow! isn't it cool that It's connecting the Dot from the first IT company I started. I will be able to use again my knowledge on Linux administration... eventhough I run some linux box and administer them but this time its different approach. Its a live server and it should be working consistently.

So then I'm beginning to be excited again learning again my first love, which is Linux and finally I will then enjoy the company of great minds who thinks from the scratch. Linux linux you are mine again...

Yeah! thanks for reading...

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