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Another Business Idea

I was just thinking of a new business idea. I already have some business. Small but still coping up with the everyday life. I'm not saying is not good but its just enough for surviving everyday life. I was thinking  of reinventing the Quail Egg industry. I'm still thinking if this is a good or bad business or maybe I should try a computer shop....

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The only thing I see is the place and the person to run the business. On the technical side, I can do it on my own. The one who will take charge of it everyday is my problem. It would also take Php100K-200K for a capital. I'll be on leave for 9 days and a continued vacation from Dec 21 to January 2. It will be a long day of thinking and brainstorming I guess.

The good thing about this? Is that I think. I don't know but what I have in mind right now is Business. Forgot about Etere, forgot about being an employee. I want to be an employer. This is my goal and this is what I wanted to be.( I guess,sigh .. hahahahah :0 )

Or another business opportunity is the Bikers shorts. I think I can make a factory of Biker's shorts that is affordable but  with great quality. I'm still scouting and thinking. This just got better....

Anyone wanted to join me on this bandwagon? Hop in!

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