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My Mountain Bike Escapade

It was a firm decision buying a Mountain bike. Actually, everything that has two wheels I fell in love easily. Really in love. It started when I was 7 years old when my father bought me a bike. A bike with side wheels to help out the balance. Knowing that I have a person with a disability but that doesn't concern me now. I remember they even put a sidecar on it in order for my sister to experience the thrill of riding a bike. Eventually, I became more extreme and wanted to be independent. I felt the urge of having freedom. I remove the sidecar and try working with no side wheels on it. What happens next is history. I crash my bike and got a lot of bruises. It wasn't the first nor the second. I got a lot of bumps and a lot retries.

Good to know I have a good neighbor who wants to help me out fix my biking escapade. I remember his name is "REY". He's the one who holds the  bike's saddle in order for me to balance. We started to practice in a muddy area in case I fall it doesn't hurt a lot. OUCH. For 3 consecutive mornings we practice my biking career. He didn't stop until he knew I can pedal on my own. It was a gift that I will treasure from the rest of my life. Without him I might not be writing this post.

15years I rode with my motorcycle, I started with a tricycle and then eventually when I'm in highschool my father gave me a Suzuki Crystal 110. Then in 2005 I bought a second hand Suzuki Shogun Pro and then I bought myself in 2008 a brand New Suzuki Hayate 125. Eventually I lost them all and have to sell them one after the other. Now I'm a driving an Isuzu crosswind not mine but owned by our company. After speculating that I am always just sitting down the whole day. Wheew, Just a couch potato and trying to be lazy I decided to go back to my first love. BIKING.

Owning a mountain bike for the first time was confusing. Getting your first brand from an awful long lost like Jamis, Merida, Cannondale, Giant, Specialized, Mongoose, Ryder, SGM, KHS, Vision, SCHWINN... Just to name the few. So for a newbie like me I choose a built bike. Only the main choice is the frame. All other things It doesn't matter because I might be upgrading them from time to time. With a 15k budget, I spotted a seller in FB( JAzzBikes). He sold the bike online. He doesn't have a shop. A KHS alite 350 was a good choice for me. Not too expensive and not too cheap but ready for an upgrade. What I love with the KHS is the nice tig welded connections of each tube. It took me 2 days to get the right saddle height and familiarized with the the gear shifting. In case you are looking for a Mountain bike then try first with a built bike and then upgrade parts which are worn already. There might be a confusion maybe along the way that you want to quit biking and return to be lazy again. So it's still you to decide.

Keep on pedaling. Til my next installment regarding biking.

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