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Year-End Blog post

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I post an entry on The probable reason is because of work. I was too busy with work that I have to stop blogging. Although the Adsense earnings are still on the Php60,000- Php80,000 range not bad for a blogger that is not Blogging.

So what keeps me busy this day? One is Eating a lot. Gaining extra weight is my next challenge. Biking and Eating actually.

I have found my first love together with my wife as ride buddy every morning we do 2-5 laps at the park. Stretching muscles and tendons. For my wife, It's loosing weight..hahahahha. I was able to complete a family picture on a bike. My kids are using a Kids bike and a Folding bike. My wife is using her Cannondale Trail Six Femme Petite Mountain bike. And me is a KHS Alite 350...

Being more physically active is our goal this coming 2013. Getting healthy and having a well balanced lifestyle. No Drinks, No Cigars just plain Exercise and Nutritious foods in the table. I hope you will begin yours, too! It's not late and its not early to decide giving yourself a break for this coming year is a great gift.

Again on behalf of my Family, Len, Amiel, Sam and me. HAPPY New Year... God Bless you and may we have a prosperous New year ahead of Us.

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