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Unblock Facebook


Nowadays, Faceebook becomes so very popular that even a 4 year old kid can have access and wants to login and have facebook account. It is then become a must for a parent to monitor their child’s online experience. And because of this they are also require to open up an account. Where eventually the parents had become addicted and frustrated with farmville and farmtown.

But hey, How do you unblock a facbook site when you are in a secured network environment when an administrator blocked your favorite Facebook site. Some people use their charm and talk to this IT guys( experience this one). So how do you unblock facebook and be able to login successfully without telling it to the administrator.

Here is a proxy site where you can log-in to facebook.

The main purpose of this proxy site is that it will login you to facebook on a different site. It will be better if the proxy site is new because there is a very high-possibility that the site is not yet listed on the Blacklisted site.

Do a test on the Proxy site above and let me know if it does work for you by adding me on tweeter.

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