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Superbug Gene aka New Delhi Metallo-1

A new virus is spreading over UK, Australia, US and Canada. The virus is called superbug gene or also known as New Delhi Metallo-1.

Though already widespread in India, the new superbug gene is being increasingly spotted in Britain and elsewhere. Experts warn the booming medical tourism industries in India and Pakistan could fuel a surge in antibiotic resistance, as patients import dangerous bugs to their home countries.

The gene alters bacteria, making them resistant to nearly all known antibiotics. It has been seen largely in E. coli bacteria, the most common cause of urinary tract infections, and on DNA structures that can be easily copied and passed onto other types of bacteria.

If this will be the case, I hope our Health centers and Hospital can carry on this another virus. Just like the Ah1n1 virus that spread all over the world.

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