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Counting Eggs

When I was a kid I always hear this praise, “Don't Count Your Chickens (Until They've Hatched)". Until I grew up it has been on my mind wondering…. Sometimes Great Idioms like these plays important part of our life. I’ve experience a lot of Chicken counting when I was on my teen. I counted too much that I got disappointed when the time comes that it didn’t push thru. I didn’t learn a lesson. Even on my workplace that I counted my chicken early last year. I posted on this blog about the benefits of having a car. I aim for a Honda Jazz 2010 back then. I remember it was July 2010 that I started wishing. Then came september that the Company decided to move it since the 2 Honda Jazz are still encumbered. In order for the company to sustain its cash flow they asked me if its ok for september after the 2 cars are finally free. It was then when August came that the BOD (Board of Directors) redesign the whole benefits and instead of car they will give Php400,000 which they name it Cafeteria Benefits. This benefits is for employees that stays in the company for 5 years. And you don’t have to pay the company any cents. All you have to do is stay for another 5 years.That’s the deal. I waited for november for all the decisions and have it all documented. December passed and January came but when again I started to murmur about the car loan benefits it seems this  guy whom should have been following up the benefits of its employee unfortunately didn’t able to brought up to the BOD. Wheew cool! So then this February again came and still there are problems with the black and white document. They didn’t even came up with the Maintenance and Gas allocation. Poor me, I’ve counted a lot of eggs and still all of them are unhatched because of a man’s greed and selfishness. I am definitely angry but in respect to them I bow down and just pray that the Lord will deal with them.

Now I’ve just decided not to count them All. I decided to be in silent in the office about what was going on. Life must go on and on. We continue to dream and move and go forth for that dream. If I where to asked again, If I would grab a car? Not now, Honestly. I just want this benefit of this company have a black and white. I wanted to help my predecessor that on the time he became a supervisor he will not experience my ordeal.

I’m writing this blog this February 25,2011 and I have this schedule for published this September 25,2011 where my Bonds in Media convergence finished. I hope to read this post of mine in Qatar and be reminded of me that I once have a dream and it never came true in the Philippines but in Qatar.

To all who dream and still dreaming, keep it up and we can have this dream came to life.

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